Bastiaan Kok industrial design
(BKid) is a Product Design Studio
specialized in concept design,
concept visualizations and
automotive styling.

Bastiaan Kok industrial design
Langbroekerdijk B 17
3947 BA
T: +31(0)6 522 52 697
E: design@bastiaankok.nl
S: bastiaan kok (skype)
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October 2012
The Dutch Bike by Zahid Sardar
Premsela and nai010 publishers
This book traces the favourite,
ubiquitous, Plain Jane workhorse
of the Netherlands from turn-of-the-
century Amsterdam to the fashion
pages of trendy American
magazines and newspapers
The book pays attention to Luud
Schimmelpenninck’s Whitebike
concept by Y-tech and BKid.
Batavus Quip ‘Bicycle of the year 2016’
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April 2016

The Batavus Quip, designed by BKID for Batavus has been awarded ‘Bicycle of the year 2016’ . Yet another recognition of the design quality of this sympatic bicycle.

GIO Special Award for Batavus Quip
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October 2015

The design of the bicycle Quip, designed by BKID for Batavus has received the recognition of “good industrial design” (GIO). For this award almost sixty designs were sent in. The jury was of the opinion that Quip satisfied all the criteria laid down at the GIO recognition. It therefore is a fine recognition of craftsmanship.
After this recognition Quip also got awarded with the
prestigious Special Award for Excellence in the category of Originality! This is an unprecedented honor because this is one of the only five Special Awards that are handed out annually to the most distinctive entry.
Something to be proud!

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August 2015
The Guppy Junior has received an Eurobike Award, one of the leading international design awards for companies in the bike industry.
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GIO Award Bobike One
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The Bobike One babyseat has been rewarded with a GIO award. The GIO award (Good Industrial design) is the leading Dutch Design Award in the Netherlands.
The official GIO awards ceremony will be on 19th October during the Dutch Design week.
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